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Reading the concept gave me a genuine wicked smile at the sheer wretched darkness of the game! There is something wonderful about inflicting horrors and trying to survive maddening my serious monstrosities when you are but a simple soul, rather than a her; lacking might and having a far greater fear of the unknown. This emphasis on “hopelessness, dread, darkness, and inhumanity” really set a wicked tone that definitely caught my attention, and doesn’t that just sound like the ingredients for a pleasant afternoon?


I have thoroughly enjoyed going through this system and can’t wait to actually get to play it. I look forward to more updates and enough people giving this a try and seeing for themselves that this is something special, a truly horrific horror roleplaying game with a heart of darkness and a system so clearly worked on with Infernal love and eldritch craftsmanship to bring the ultimate experience of dread. Now doesn’t that sound fun!? 

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Neat read, look forward to trying it. There are place where you've put he wrong description, like Alchemic Laboratory artifact or Sculpt Flesh spell. Also think the way things are explained may be a bit backwards.

Thanks for the input! And unfortunately I know about those errors. The book is still waiting on the editing to be finished. The V0.1 version currently out has a lot of typos and problems. But that should be fixed when someone with more knowhow of the English language goes over the text.

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so I've been GMing this game for a few sessions now, it's been great. By which I mean it's a trainwreck, but a fun trainwreck :P One of the players said she likes how the system encourages you to try things, like "one success and three complications, let's do this"


Fantastic system with a lot of promise. Can't wait to see the final release version!