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This game is about war and firefights!
It contains the following which might act as triggers to some:

  • Violence
  • Firearms
  • Descriptions of trauma and wounds
  • Combat mechanics

SLAVA: Flanking and Foxholes is the first installment in my War based TTRPG zine. This is about the men and women fighting intense firefights.

In this zine I go over the basic rules for SLAVA, how to roll, how to make characters, and how to resolve firefights, cover, and manoeuvres.

The layout was done by Francita Soto (@byfrancita) and editing by Fiona Geist (@coilingoracle).

So get your rifle, tromblone, helmet, and jump into a frenzied moment in history. Into a conflict that might change you forever!

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorOrdoalea Publishing
TagsTabletop role-playing game, War, zine


Buy Now3.00€ EUR or more

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This is such a great little game, amazingly well put together, it's sleek and gives meaning to the combat mechanics. A great addition for DIY TTRPGs out there!


This looks really interesting!  It's about World War 1, correct?

No, not exactly. It's about conflict in general. Can be any kind of armed conflict.